Job Openings


The trainer will be responsible for training newly hired employees and for supporting experienced employees to improve their performance. Their duties include creating educational material, conducting training sessions, identifying skills gaps to help improve productivity/performance, and ensuring staff members stay motivated and focused.

Team Lead

A team leader is expected to lead team members, foster their professional development and growth, and promote teamwork and cooperation. Under the direction of the Operations Manager, manage team metrics, client values, attendance, and retention goals by effectively coaching the agents. Create a necessary action plan focused on behaviors because of their observations and daily audit performance. Provide feedback to team members on both call coaching and other daily performance and behavioral activities.

Customer Service Representative

A customer service associate manages customer concerns with the objective of maintaining positive customer relationships with an organization. They interact directly with customers to listen to concerns, resolve problems, and recommend products and services. A customer service associate will anticipate customer questions and familiarize themselves with products and services to offer the best recommendations.

Quality Assurance Specialist

We are looking for a detail-oriented quality assurance specialist to be in charge of all quality assurance activities. The quality assurance specialist’s responsibilities include developing and implementing quality assurance policies, conducting tests and inspections, identifying production, process, or product issues, and presenting solutions. To be successful as a quality assurance specialist you should be incredibly thorough and able to help our company maintain the highest quality standards.